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Who are we?

Videogames are the medium of the future. More than ever, we are brought closer by the digital experiences we share. Whether we play competitively, or just watch others play, gaming has evolved to shape our perception of what art is and what it can be.

At Just Add Monsters, we know that games have something for everyone. Whether you love hardcore competition, the stories games tell, or have never even picked up a controller, there’s something valuable for you in the artistry of gaming.

Maybe you love hearing about game design? Maybe you want to know more about your favorite franchises and the incredible stories behind them? You could even want to hear about the lives of your favorite esports athletes or independent game developers. Whatever you’re looking for, we have it here.

Combining the philosophies of YouTube vlogging, Twitch streaming, and traditional games media, Just Add Monsters seeks to create a unique content platform that welcomes everyone. In addition to our diverse selection of original content hosted on our website and YouTube, we’ve partnered with independent content creators to bring our audience the best, most diverse and well-produced gaming content available.

it’s all right at your fingertips. At Just Add Monsters, you don’t have to wade through screaming YouTubers or wonder when your new favorite Twitch streamer is going to say something offensive. Simply choose what you want to watch, and you’re off. Each of our videos are classified and vetted before being uploaded, and our parental system makes it easy to ensure you never have to worry about your child seeing content you don’t want them to

Like games, we have something for everyone.